Making labor safer for women and their babies

2020 South Shore Health Research Symposium Poster

Non-Invasive Uterine Electromyography in High BMI Laboring Patients

2016 Physiological Measurement QT Interval
Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Evaluation of the fetal QT interval using non-invasive fetal ECG technology.

2011 AJOG Clinically Accurate Fetal ECG Article

Clinically accurate fetal ECG parameters acquired from maternal abdominal sensors.

2011 SMFM TR Poster

Evaluation of the Fetal T/R Ratio Using a Fetal Scalp Electrode and Abdominal Sensors

2010 SMFM ST Poster

Comparing the Fetal ST Segment Acquired Using a Fetal Scalp Electrode and Abdominal Electrodes

2010 SMFM Entropy Poster

Association of Morphologic Entropy in Fetal ECG with
Inflammatory Cytokines and Markers of Neuronal Injury

2010 Fetal Heart Rate Poster

Accuracy of Fetal Heart Rate Acquired from Sensors on the Maternal Abdomen Compared to a Fetal Scalp Electrode

2008 Journal MFNM FHR Variability Article

The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine

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